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Friesland Campina

FrieslandCampina has a long history and exists in a cooperative tradition. A cooperative cannot thrive with a focus on the short term. That is why we are future focused. We do that for our consumers, our customers, our farmers. And for the world. Everything we do at FrieslandCampina is guided by our purpose: nourishing by nature.

The story of FrieslandCampina and our relationship with milk began in 1871. This was the year farmers decided to join forces in local cooperative dairy factories. By doing so, they could strengthen their market position and ensure sales of their milk.

Today, FrieslandCampina is one of the world’s largest dairy companies. Every day, we provide millions of consumers all over the world with valuable nutrition from milk. Not only in the form of milk itself, but with all kinds of dairy products we make from milk.

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Debic is a professional dairy brand for chefs, pastry chefs and other foodservice professionals. One of the core components of culinary masterpieces is dairy, an essential ingredient for the success of chefs and bakers.

We provide chefs and bakers with a solid base of dairy tools they can trust blindly. As a reliable partner, we support you in making your professional life easier, in whatever way we can.

We understand the challenges that come with using dairy and make sure our products are very practical to use. Get to know our high-quality dairy products that are continuously innovated and optimized in terms of functionality.

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Leman Cake Decorations

Leman Cake Decorations offers a large and creative range of chocolate cake, almond paste, sugar, wafers, and plastic decorations, suitable for every professional.

With our decorations, your cake will be long remembered.

We are never satisfied. We are always in search for new ideas to bring more value to your cake. This is the way we create trendy decorations.

With our decorations you will be able to transform every cake in a festive one, because: No Cake No Party

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Over 40 years of sweetness

We have always been masters pastry-chefs, who have always tried to combine tradition with innovation and to create goodness masterpieces. F.lli Tedesco is the historical Campania brand, which has been operating on the market in Campania since 1972 in the confectionery sector of the industrial pastry making.

Carefully selected raw matters, according to the principle of seasonality of them, passion for quality and the art of an old trade, are the ingredients on which the “handmaking” art of the company F.lli Tedesco is based.

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Smet Chocolaterie

Smet Chocolaterie has been a pioneer in the chocolate industry for more than five decades.

After years of success with our valued customers, we are proud to be taking our operations to the next level.

While our family-owned business now has a wider product selection and more services than ever before, the heart of our mission is the same: We produce high-quality products that exceed our industrial customers’ expectations

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Deco Relief

Since its creation, Déco Relief proved to be a specialist in manufacturing and selling tools, equipment and ingredients for professionals in the food trade, catering (pastry, chocolate and bakery).

Founded in 1984 by pastry chef Alain Lambert, Déco Relief has a multitude of cake molds, candy shapes and chocolate plates. Also a wide range of natural and concentrated flavours, food colorants, chocolates and pastry tools such as spatulas, silicone mats and professional chocolate dips.

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Cargill NV

Our team of 155,000 professionals in 70 countries draws together the worlds of food, agriculture, nutrition and risk management.

For more than 155 years, we have helped farmers grow more, connecting them to broader markets.

We are continuously developing products that give consumers just what they’re seeking, advancing nutrition, food safety and sustainability. And we help all of our partners innovate and manage risk, so they can nourish the world again tomorrow.

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Four generations of know-how: Created 30 years ago in Paris as the “Comptoirs des gelées et Miroirs” to deliver products to the major pastry companies, Unipâtis is a family company which benefits from the know-how built up over 4 generations.

The company now has 6000 m2 of land and 1200 m2 of laboratories. Its products of high quality include chocolate and fruit filling, toppings, flavorings, glazes.

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Veliche ™ Gourmet

Veliche™ Gourmet is a chocolate brand with a strong heritage in producing fine quality chocolate from the Kingdom of Belgium. Rich in character and complex in flavour, yet remarkably workable, Veliche™ Gourmet is dedicated to professional artisans.

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Lubeca chocolate couvertures and nougat are distinguished by their superior taste and extremely fine texture. The quality of Lubeca’s almond and hazelnut preparations, which are produced from the finest ingredients, is officially recognised by even the most stringent trade customers.

Lübecker Marzipan-Fabrik is wholly owned by the Friedrich Bluhme & Else Jebsen Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to use the company’s profits to promote charitable, non-profit, religious, and cultural endeavours in the Lübeck region.

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As a partner of the bakeries, IREKS is known worldwide for first-class baking ingredients and creative product ideas. With manifold services we accompany bakers and confectioners in more than 90 countries as providers of ideas, consultants and problem-solvers.

A team of over 2,900 employees is personally at the side of the bakers and confectioners all around the globe. This is mainly done by more than 500 highly-qualified Field Service staff from 30 nations – all master bakers and master confectioners.

First-class baking ingredients, made from the best grain and other high quality natural raw materials, are combined at IREKS with creative product ideas and attractive recipes. In this way, we provide strong impulses with which each bakery can develop its own individual profile further

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KANDY is a modern Polish fruit processing company that offers various components for the food industry.

We have been on the market since 1985. Our wide range of products includes diverse fruit and cream components: thermostable cake fillings, ice-cream toppings, yoghurt preparations, candied fruits and other.

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OSM Bieruń

For over 70 years, OSM Bieruń has been dedicated to supplying high-quality dairy products. Today, the company combines tradition and long experience with modern production technology. It is one of the largest Polish producers of dairy products for confectionery, bakery, restaurants, cafes, and hotel industry. They are specialised in the production of cheese, cream, yogurt and mozzarella fillings.

To keep up with the growing needs of its customers, they have developed a state-of-the-art production line for UHT products and pasta spinach cheese. The knowledge acquired in the field of dairy industry technology has been expanded, through partnerships with European specialists, whose experience is invaluable for the implementation of new solutions.

Always looking for ways to improve its products, OSM Bieruń strives to continue the tradition of manufacturing quality dairy products, while maintaining the new trends in the professional dairy industry.

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The name of the company derives from the two words Kon (= confectioner) and onesto (= Italian Honest). Our goal is to provide our customers with honest products. This is again clearly expressed in our slogan “Honestly, the best taste”.

Honest products ensure the success of both parties, but they are based on hard work and must be developed and affirmed over the years. That is why we take responsibility in everything we do, in what we believe, in preserving and consolidating our products. However, we are not satisfied with this and we think ahead. Being a young company that supports the creation of honest, safe and high-quality products, the basis of our responsibilities lies in the effort to lead the customer to success, without forgetting the protection of the environment.

This ensures trust, cooperation, and long-term cooperation for both parties. We have been ISO 22000 certified since December 2020. The international standard ISO 22000 is a global standard for food safety management systems.

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Dr Paste




Our company was founded in 2013 by Faruk Sanisoğlu under the name of MCC. Since 2016, it has been continuing its production under the name of Dr-Paste. Dr-Paste is a company that cares about human health and the environment.

Dr-Paste, which has reached a sugar paste capacity of 150 tons with the steady growth it has maintained since its establishment, has become one of the few sugar paste producers in the world.

Dr-Paste considers protecting the environment and human health as its first principle in all its production activities. In this direction, all works are carried out in line with an exemplary environmental awareness and applicable laws, regulations, legislation and principles. Appropriate technologies and methods are applied that will not harm the environment and save on resource use.

Dr-Paste is rapidly advancing towards becoming a leader in the sector with Sugar Dough, Food Coloring and Silicone Molds. When you visit our facility, you can find the opportunity to closely monitor the manufacturing processes of the products you use. You can also access all analysis reports during your visits.

Our company, which provides an important opportunity to its customers in terms of measurability of compliance with health and quality norms, is proud of its products.

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Mildo Food

MILDO FOOD was founded in 2013 by a team of highly motivated and talented experts, with decades of experience at the top-executive level in the bakery and confectionery industry.

We use our invaluable knowledge and expertise, acquired over the years of leading multinational companies in domestic and foreign markets, in the production of our range of branded products: MILDO.

Our vision, closely following the latest consumer trends, is to provide our customers with healthy, tasty and innovative raw materials, from bakeries and pastry shops, to HORECA and industrial producers.

Our mission is to be the preferred brand in the bakery and pastry markets, offering high quality and innovative products at extremely competitive prices.

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In 1899, Constant Vandemoortele and his son Adhémar open a factory in Izegem, Belgium. This is still a Vandemoortele factory today.

Vandemoortele has grown to be a truly international food company over more than a century. We hold a leading position in Europe in our core categories having grown with a steady pace through organic growth and acquisitions.

Vandemoortele has two business lines; one in bakery products and the other in margarines, culinary oils and fats.

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Andros Chef

Since 1910 each passing generation has spared no effort to pursue the company’s tradition of fruit excellence. Andros is – and is comitted to remain – a private and family business with strong human values.

Andros’story is set in the verdant Lot fruit region in south-western France, where the iconic Cère and Dordogne rivers converge. The company takes great pride in his contribution to the local economy.

To make ingredients we use the same best practices which proved to be paramount in building our fruit expertise. Sustainable, long-term partnerships with growers in the form of dedicated fruit plantations. Our dedicated cultivation programs are unique in France. They guarantee us yearly 14,000 tons of fresh fruit that meets our discerning needs.

Quality fruit, sugar if necessary. Our ingredients are always 100% natural.

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